At Lamberth Waterproof Systems, we've taken our collective experience to create our own methodology to ensure you have the best experience for your waterproofing needs.


To deliver the highest quality product on the market while delivering the best customer service to our clients.

After the mortar bed has cured (usually 2 days) we come back with our pre-cut fiberglass molds.  These are custom cut and fit to each showers specific dimensions. We then add Resin and chopped Fiberglass mat to the mud set shower to cover the base.  This creates a shell for your shower that is waterproof. The mortar cure period can be reduced to one day on remodels with power in the house.

After the Fiberglass dries and cures(Usually 24 Hours) it is time for the water test. A water test is performed to ensure the shower pan is sealed and leak free. Once the water test is passed, we give you a Lifetime Warranty on the shower pan for the lifetime of the structure. After the water test you can proceed to the Wall and Tile installation. Note: The water test is usually performed by a plumber. If needed we can perform the water test for a nominal fee.


Since we offer the highest quality waterproofing on the market we offer the best warranty! Once water tested to ensure containment we give a Lifetime Warranty for the life of the structure.

The first step is the Pre-Float. When the framing is complete and the drain is installed it is time for us to get to work. We install a mortar mud bed to the shower floor that provides a slope to the drain to adhere to City codes and provide proper drainage.

Lamberth Waterproof was founded in 2007. Collectively we have over 30 years of Fiberglass waterproofing experience and more than 20,000 shower pans installed. We have also completed  over 100 decks




The Process


Step One:   Pre-Float